Thursday, 22 June 2017

Te Tuhi Art experience!

Today Room 8 was lucky enough to go along to a free art session at the wonderful Te Tuhi!

Before going we had four pre sessions learning about Tapa cloths and stories from the Pacific.

We spent our session at Te Tuhi learning about Tapa cloth, choosing symbols that are important to us, and making our own pictures!

Our leader Charlotte was really helpful and it was a great experience being in the art studio using their resources.

Here are some of the reflections on the experience:

Alyssa @ Tamaki Primary School: Te Tuhi Trip: In room 8 we were writing a reflection on what happened at the Te Tuhi Trip & some people did a video on what happened at the Te Tuhi ...

Lia @ Tamaki Primary: Te tuhi trip: This is a video about Te tuhi trip.

Fe'ao @ Tamaki Primary School: TE TUHI TRIP-FE'AO: Hi this is my reflection of the te tuhi trip hope you like this and comment down bellow goodbye!

Fine @ Tamaki Primary School: Te tuhi: we went on a trip to Te tuhi and when we went there is was a big house and we went in there and it was Fun.

We had a great time and would love to hear what symbols you would use on your Tapa cloth!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Fried Rice

Today we made fried rice as part of our "Fuelled for life" inquiry!

The students got into two groups and each group had the opportunity to make fried rice.
First we looked at the receipt for how much all the ingredients cost - it was really cheap!

Then we put all the ingredients onto our balanced plate template. Did you know for every meal you have, you need at least
- half of it to be made up from fruits and vegetables.
- one quarter to be made up from grains
- one quarter to be made up from protein.

Then we got straight on to cooking! Miss Morrison had already cooked all the rice to us so it was ready to just be added in.

Our ingredients were:
- White rice
- capsicum
- tinned corn
- frozen peas
- carrots
- eggs
- soy sauce

First we chopped up the carrots and put them on the hot plate. We put carrots on first as they are quite hard and needed some time to soften up a little. We then drained the corn and chopped up the capsicum. Once the carrots had cooked for a little, we added in the peas (they were frozen so Miss Morrison had them sitting, thawing, out for a while so they weren't as hard!). After the peas and carrots had cooked together we put in the corn and capsicum. Each student then had turns spooning in the cold rice. The rice broke up and was easy to mix together. We added in splashes of Soy Sauce of flavouring. Once the mix was hot and altogether, Miss M cracked eggs on top! Because the ingredients were so hot, they cooked the eggs. This meant there were yummy bits of egg (protein) throughout the mix. 

Have a look at some of the photos and reflections! 

Hope L's reflection

Alyssa's work

It was a great lesson and we can't wait to do more cooking. Have you made fried rice before? Let us know how it went and if you made a balanced meal. 

Thursday, 8 June 2017


Last week in Reading each group read a story called 'Porridge' by Michele Boston. It is a story about a young girl and boy who don't like eating Porridge. They try to add golden syrup to it to make it sweeter and more tasty but they still don't like it.  In the end, the little sister Anna gets in trouble for not eating her breakfast.

To help us learn about healthy eating, we decided to make Porridge in our reading groups. We added Honey and Banana as natural sweetners to make it balanced and tasty.

Carra's work

Here is a video of our learning!

Making Porridge in Room 8 from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

What do you have for breakfast? Try make porridge and let us know what you think!

Room 8 Debate: Should headphones be allowed during learning time?

Recently, Room 7 has been doing debates to learn about Persuasive writing. They sent us a video of their debate on 'fidget spinners'. We were so inspired by their awesome debating skills we did one of our own.

Here is their debate - take a look at their great examples!

Room 7 2017 (Miss Ashley): Debate - should fidget spinners be allowed in the ...: Today we had a debate whether fidget spinners, a much loved toy in this class, should be allowed in the class. Students got to choose f...

First we decided what the topic would be and who would be in the different groups. 

Then the groups split up and had the opportunity to plan their debate. 

Here is a video edited by Stephney, Carra and Taonga about the debate!

Let us know who you think won and who did the best persuading.

Measurement in Room 8

On Tuesday in Room 8 we began learning about Measurement. This term we are going to be looking at 'mass' and 'weights'. To introduce the topic we tried to see how much different objects around the room would weigh. Take a look at Stephney's summary of the lesson. 

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sugar-Free pancakes!

Today in Room 8 while some of the Year 5&6 students were at soccer, we made pancakes!

We looked at the process of sugar and how it is made. We then talked about how bad it is to add so much sugar to things that don't actually need it.

Here is a video we watched on the process of sugar. We counted that there were 15 steps from turning Sugar cane into sugar! That is far too many steps, especially when you consider that fact that to eat a banana it goes straight from the tree and onto the shelves - no processing needed!

To show this, we made sugar-free pancakes! Fruit has natural sugar in it so instead of having sugar or flavouring, we mashed bananas and put that into the mix.

We also looked at how flour is very processed and how although it isn't as bad as sugar, there are still ways to bake without using it.

For our pancakes today, we made banana pancakes using only three ingredients; Banana, eggs and oats!

We had to multiply the ingredients by 4 in order to make enough for everyone.

Here is the recipe:

It was really fun trying to make these pancakes and even more fun eating them. Have a look at some of our reflections below!

Denzel @ Tamaki Primary: Making Pancakes

Hope L @ Tamaki Primary School: making pancakes: Room eight was making pancakes

Lydia @ Tamaki Primary School: Free Sugar pancakes

Saia @ Tamaki Primary School: making sugar free pancakes

Coralee @ Tamaki Primary School: IN ROOM 8 MAKING SUGAR FREE PANCAKES !!! By Corale...: Today in room 8 we are going to be making pancakes with Miss Morrison. we thought we were going to make a cake but we so happy for us.

Edith @ Tamaki Primary School: Sugar free pancakes YUUMM: Today I was in Room 8 for the day, We made pancakes for the first block

Friday, 19 May 2017

What are you drinking?!

Today in Room 8 we were looking at how much sugar is in the drinks we usually buy from the dairy.

Earlier this week Miss Morrison asked the students what drinks they like to buy from the dairy. In Room 8 we usually like buying Monster, Up & Go, Coca-cola, Juice, Milk and Water.

Today we weighed and compared the different amounts of sugar in each of these drinks.

We predicted that Monster would have the most amount of sugar and Water would have the least.

Here are our results:

The main thing we learned was that most drinks have sugar in them so you need to check and read the label before you drink something. Also that Water is usually the best choice to have if you are thirsty. 

Here are some links to the students work and results!

Alyssa @ Tamaki Primary School: How much sugar is in Drinks?: Today room 8 learnt about sugar and what is in fizzy drinks like monster.

Stephney @ Tamaki Primary School: Sugar drinks: Here are two google drawings one is my summary I did.The other is about the sugar we looked for in drinks.

Arizona @ Tamaki Primary School: How much sugar is in the drinks we have: WAL: How much sugar is in the drinks we have? 

Fe'ao @ Tamaki Primary School: Sugar and drinks-Fe'ao: Today we looked at how much sugar is in a cola,fresh up,up & go,monster,milk and water hope you like this :)